ABN Cleanroom Technology supports BeMicron with their On Premises Laundry facilities

ABN Cleanroom Technology and BeMicron have signed an agreement that settles their collaboration for the coming years. With support from ABN Cleanroom Technology’s SteriCube outdoor cleanroom units, BeMicron will provide companies worldwide with their own On Premises Laundry (OPL) facilities. As an exclusive supplier, ABN Cleanroom Technology provides BeMicron with multiple SteriCubes into which they can integrate their laundry facilities. These OPL’s can then be shipped around the world to offer companies their own cleanroom garments laundry station.

Tom Vangelabbeek (ABN), Jo Nelissen (ABN), Siegfried Desmet (BeMicron) & Rosaline Wijnen (ABN)

BeMicron's On Premises Laundry Facilities

BeMicron is a Belgium-based family business which has an accumulated experience of over 30 years in cleanroom laundry businesses. Based on ABN Cleanroom Technology’s SteriCube outdoor cleanroom technology, BeMicron has developed a unit in which companies can maintain and wash their cleanroom garments in-house. This will remove commercial laundry services from the supply chain, making the entire process more transparent: from stock management, process management, to quality management of the garments. In addition, the user also benefits financially as the service provider is bypassed, allowing for more cost-efficient operations.

“Our units have been designed to be agile, to meet all our partner’s capacity and compliance needs, to operate on your premises with the full support and securities just like an external commercial laundry!” – Siegfried De Smet, Co-founder BeMicron

BeMicron delivers and supports end-users in life sciences, pharmaceutical and micro-electronic industries, … with a ready-to-operate decontamination unit to control contamination and meet global standards. The units are built with innovative technologies in mind to ensure a minimal ecological footprint. By using reusable bags, an economic water system and the use of natural resources, BeMicron seeks to make this unit as ecological as possible.

Advanced IT and connectivity

The mobile laundry unit comes with a fully Industry4.0-integrated IT-platform for laundry process management and quality information. The system is based on an in-house developed online cloud computing system in order to operate and manage both operationally and quality wise. The unit’s full technical set up and flow is based on UHF technology for efficiency, compliance, track & trace, stock management and transparency. For example, it is possible to trace the full life cycle of a garment by means of a chip, where, as a result, the end-of-life of specialised cleanroom gowning can also be accurately determined.

Flexible, durable & future-proof

ABN Cleanroom Technology’s SteriCube technology allows BeMicron to fully customise its units to the partner’s needs. The units are designed according to all the latest innovations and requirements for GMP compliancy. Both machines and installations meet the latest technical quality and efficiency standards. Some of these were patented for the unique innovations they enable.

“With their OPL units, BeMicron brings a unique concept to the market that allows companies to apply more transparency in their processes. We are therefore proud to support them as an exclusive supplier with our SteriCube cleanroom solutions.” – Jo Nelissen, CEO and founder of ABN Cleanroom Technology

1. Off-site production, on-site assembling

Legolisation means standardisation. Standardisation causes a shift in production. Work is carried out in conditioned spaces such as factory halls. our cleanrooms are manufactured partly or entirely off-site, which means huge savings on transport costs and reduction of inconvenience on-site