Welcome in the age of cleanroom intelligence

With good data, the right technology and the ability to transform cleanroom datasets into intelligence, we enable human-driven analysis of real-world cleanroom data.

Why we're here

We’re engineers with a mission, have proven solutions and an engineering mindset. We believe in transforming the cleanroom business through innovative pre-engineered and modular cleanroom concepts. With the right technology, we can augment human cleanroom intelligence and make cleanroom technology affordable. We’re able to give companies in the field of life sciences, biotechnology or high-tech access to cleanroom technology. We have cleanroom data and a deep understanding of the problems that our customers face.

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Indoor cleanroom facilities with VIX

With our patented VIX concept (nr. 2820356), we focus on the Total Cost of Ownership of cleanrooms by creating a cleanroom-as-a-service business model. Our indoor cleanroom facilities are pre-engineered as a system and regardless of location, they are replicated with the same durability, reliability and ease of maintenance through its standardized building blocks. It enhances your production process and prevents conflicts between systems such as chillers, boilers & heatpumps, steam installations, central air handling, heat exchangers, electrical panels, regulation panels, control systems and fire detection.

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Indoor Plug & Play solutions

Our plug & play cleanroom facilities ICONIC and INITIO are particularly designed to meet the most urgent demands in industries with fast changing cleanroom needs. These ultimate plug & play cleanroom come with an ISO7 cleanliness area, a PAL, MAL and optional industry 4.0 connected cleanroom control. Our pre-engineered cleanroom approach allows a fast delivery time while meeting the highest quality requirements.

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Outdoor cleanroom facilities

Some companies are only temporarily in need of a small cleanroom, others however prefer to start with renting a limited cleanroom area but with the possibility to expand later on. Our mobile and modular cleanrooms and laboratories are an ideal solution for companies looking for temporary extensions at short notice.

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ABN Cleanroom Technology was appointed to provide the complete isothermal construction, the necessary techniques, a new floor and the furniture for our cleanroom. We made a good choice to let them handle the construction of our cleanroom and everything that comes with it.

Bernard Sagaert, Vice President Manufacturing

From the very first contact with ABN Cleanroom Technology, we had a good feeling about both the people behind ABN and their project approach. There was always clear communication about their concept and working methods. And that concept is what sets ABN apart from other cleanroom suppliers.

Prof. Dr. Jan H. Spaas, CEO

Questions about our pre-engineered cleanroom thinking?

We’re happy to talk cleanrooms, the benefits of pre-engineered cleanroom design, and can help you get started with your concept or project. Simply contact us. We’ve helped companies as small as startups to the global pharma companies figure out the best fit for their production process. We can help you too.