Our projects

Salvia BioElectronics

HTC Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Diepenbeek, Belgium

Black Semiconductor

Aachen, Germany


Senningerberg, Luxembourg

Sint-Trudo Hospital

Sint-Truiden, Belgium


Beernem, Belgium

Mogema AM

'T Harde, The Netherlands

Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

Jena, Germany

Quantoom Biosciences

Nivelles, Belgium


Leuven, Belgium


Wavre, belgium

Imelda Hospital

Bonheiden, Belgium

Frencken Mechatronics

Eindhoven, the netherlands

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

Evergem, Belgium

VDL Industrial Modules​

Helmond, The Netherlands

Alsico High Tech

Ronse, Belgium


Seraign, Belgium

Lamers High-Tech Systems

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Where to find our pre-engineered & modular cleanroom concepts?

1. Off-site production, on-site assembling

Legolisation means standardisation. Standardisation causes a shift in production. Work is carried out in conditioned spaces such as factory halls. our cleanrooms are manufactured partly or entirely off-site, which means huge savings on transport costs and reduction of inconvenience on-site