Target Value Design in a pre-engineered cleanroom mindset

In the cleanroom industry, Target Value Design is a rather new concept that has made its appearance a couple of years ago and originates from the ‘Target Costing’ approach of the lean construction methodology. Applying it in cleanroom technology requires a fundamental shift in thinking from expected costs to target costs. The focus of TVD is therefore to drive down the cost of a cleanroom project without reducing the quality of the final product or extending the planning. TVD aims to achieve this goal by setting cost as a design constraint rather than an outcome of design. Using this tool in our field of cleanroom applications, the design and construction of cleanrooms is steered towards the target cost. In our first whitepaper of 2022, we will zoom in on this attractive lean-management tool in the cleanroom industry and take it to a next level by linking Target Value Design to ABN’s approach of legolising cleanroom design & construction.

1. Off-site production, on-site assembling

Legolisation means standardisation. Standardisation causes a shift in production. Work is carried out in conditioned spaces such as factory halls. our cleanrooms are manufactured partly or entirely off-site, which means huge savings on transport costs and reduction of inconvenience on-site