SteriPico - Freestanding HEPA H14 filtration unit

STERIPICO is a freestanding filtration system that features the highest rinsing degree by means of intelligent jet technology and energy-efficient HEPA H14 filters to guarantee a continuous flow of particle-free air. It is a unique medically approved device with the lowest noise level on the market. SteriPico is known for an ISO 7 cleanliness standard, which makes the product ideal for filtration applications in hospitals, residential care centers, medical waiting areas and medical private institutions.

Medically approved air purifier

The SteriPico air purifier is used to decontaminate indoor air by mechanically filtering air through highly efficient HEPA H14 filters.

  • Filter class pre-filter: M5
  • Filter class end-filter: H14 HEPA
  • MPPS efficiency: 99,995%
  • Dimensions: 990 x 550 x 290mm
  • ISO 7 cleanliness standard
  • Front cover: standard grill or jet outlets
  • Compliant with EN 61439, EN 60947, EN 50081, 93/68/EEC

HEPA H14 filter

This type of filter is characterized by its low energy usage, low noise, low vibration levels and reduced operating costs. The pre-filter (M5) absorbs large particles in order to protect the HEPA H14 end-filter against damage and prolongs its lifetime.

  • Light-weight construction with easy installation
  • Filter grade H14 conform EN1822
  • Minimum pressure loss
  • Conform the highest quality requirements
  • Conform the highest requirements in manufacturing for testing and functioning

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