SoftCube - Configurable softwall cleanroom

Our softwall is a pre-engineered & configurable stand-alone filtration system that features a continuous flow of particle-free air due to energy-efficient HEPA fan filters. Depending on its use in the field of pharmaceuticals, micro-electronics, biotechnology or nanotechnology, ISO Class 8 to 6 can be implemented.

Technical specifications

  • Filter class pre-filter: G4
  • Filter class end-filter: H14 HEPA
  • Cleanliness classification: ISO7 (conform ISO 14644-1)
  • Air changes: 100 x per hour
  • Power consumption: 150 W
  • Lighting: 500 LUX
  • Side curtains: anti-static
  • Dimensions: on request

H14 HEPA filter unit

This filter is characterized by its low energy usage, low noise, low vibration levels and reduced operating costs. The pre-filter (G4) absorbs large particles in order to protect the HEPA H14 end-filter against damage and prolongs its lifetime. The ceiling grid and steel construction enables a flexible placement of the filter units and the side walls. SoftCube is a freestanding construction that does not require suspending support.

Easy to configure

Softwall cleanrooms are economical cleanroom solutions for those who need a clean surface area quickly. The walls and partitions are made of flexible slats or PVC wall panels. Depending on the application and configuration, ISO Class 5 to 9 can be achieved. Because the slats overlap they form an effective closed wall when at rest. Because different cubes can be connected to each other, every desired surface can always be obtained easily.

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