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SteriCube leads the way in off-site cleanroom construction. Our mobile cleanroom unit with filter & ventilation technology combined with air conditioning technology is available for short-term and long-term renting purposes with ISO6-ISO7 cleanliness classification. The high performance HEPA filter technology makes SteriCube ideal for micro-electronics, pharmaceutical and microbial applications.

SteriCube - Rent or buy

Some companies are only temporarily in need of a small cleanroom, others however prefer to start with renting a limited cleanroom area but with the possibility to expand later on. Due to its temporary character and scalability possibilities, SteriCube is a perfect fit to address those needs.

  • Bridge order peaks without compromising the quality of your product;
  • SteriCube can be easily located inside a new building or existing building;
  • Available for ISO6/ISO7 cleanliness classification;
  • SteriCube includes data collection for cleanroom insights;
  • Available in renting or buying model.

Off-site built mobile cleanrooms

Mobile facilities have demonstrated tremendous potential in wide-ranging industries. Not only the initial investment or operational cost, but the quality as well will profit from this pre-engineered mobile cleanroom. SteriCube offers:

  • Flexible and configurable design
  • Easy relocation of the unit if needed
  • Epoxy / vinyl inner surface
  • Inter-lock door system
  • Integrated HVAC technology

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