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Pre-engineering with VIX

Our cleanrooms are pre-engineered as a system and regardless of location, they are replicated with the same durability, reliability and ease of maintenance through its standardized building blocks. Choosing a modular & pre-engineered engineering approach delivers predictable and repeatable solutions with ultimate upgradability for the client’s changing cleanroom business. This sustainable cleanroom solution is a welcome alternative for traditional cleanroom concepts. It increases ROI in terms of revenue, insights and efficiency.

Embedded intelligence reducing project risk

Today’s cleanroom concepts have evolved towards a modular design approach in order to meet rapidly changing needs in cleanroom technology business. If your business requires a classified space, we hold on to modularity and pre-engineering. Our patented VIX concept delivers modular building blocks with a fixed and strong structure.

When designing and building a cleanroom, ABN acts Lego-wise: we start from scratch and start building with our pre-defined and approved building blocks creating high quality cleanroom solutions at short notice. Pre-engineered building blocks contain all the intelligence needed for optimal cleanroom design.

    VIX features

    Circular design in cleanroom technology

    Cleanroom products weren’t designed to last, product users weren’t asked to think about lifecycles and traditional design has often not considered the impact of the product not being in use anymore. Up until we started focussing on a circular design economy. Minimizing the primary raw materials use is quite a challenge for a generation of cleanrooms in a circular design era. The focus of circular design is on keeping products and materials circulating in closed loops.

    Circular design in cleanroom technology gives one the opportunity to consider several design strategies: durability, standardization, compatibility, maintainability, upgradability and dis- & reassembly.

    Solid project management

    Our V-model approach according to EN15643 considers the Design Qualification, Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification of your cleanroom to ensure smooth production start-up. Solid project management according to this model does not only lead to efficient project execution but also to efficient cleanroom use without overlooking its demolition phase.

    • Initiation
    • Design
    • Equipment & contractor supply
    • Construction
    • Use
    • End-of-life

    ABN Cleanroom features

    Leading the way in pre-engineerd cleanroom solutions

    ABN Cleanroom Technology makes cleanroom technology affordable by minimizing the hidden costs of ownership through our modular, pre-engineered and energy saving VIX concept. Creating digital twins of your classified space, a circular design approach as well as failure risk analyses for a reliability boost in your cleanroom result in a new standard for pre-engineered cleanroom solutions.

    VIX articles


    Darwin would favor modular cleanroom design

    Today’s cleanroom concepts are evolving towards a modular design approach in order to meet rapidly changing needs in cleanroom technology business. Cleanroom concepts that adapt easily to these changing needs will keep evolving. If your business requires a classified space, we hold on to modularity.

    Why modular cleanrooms are the future

    Modular cleanrooms offer an innovative alternative to conventional cleanrooms for spaces that require a certain flexibility in terms of future needs or restricted build timeline. Modularity is the starting point to help companies to enable cleanroom technology with ‘modular’ meaning scalable, flexible & agile.
    Case study

    Customer Interview at PANNOC (Dutch): “Kiezen voor modulair design bij omvormen cleanroom”

    Met cleanroom designs waarbij modulariteit en pre-engineering centraal staan, toont ABN Cleanroom Technology bij farmaceutisch producent Pannoc dat het omvormen van een bestaande cleanroom niet nodeloos complex moet zijn. De verbouwing van de productiezones op de site in Olen verliep volgens een pre-engineering aanpak en dat heeft zo zijn voordelen.