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OKAAS™ - Operating room As a Service

With increasing pressure on the healthcare sector, more and more independent initiatives such as private clinics and medical centres are emerging. OKAAS™ offers these clinics the opportunity to treat patients outside the classic hospital environment. This allows them to retain their own identity and independence and still work in a suitable environment. By providing operating theatres as a service, every doctor can help patients from their own practice without having to meet large investment costs. OKAAS™ is developed to be installed indoor and can be delivered within 6 weeks due to its standardized design.

Technical specifications

  • Complies with ISO7 (standard)
  • Upgradable to ISO5 with OT plenum (prefabricated structural frame that installs faster and is cheaper than traditional on-site LAF ceiling systems)
  • Upgradable to ISO6
  • Filter class end-filter: H14 HEPA (option U15)
  • Panels & ceiling: 100% flush
  • Modular ceiling & wall systems (HPL/Glass/Drywall)
  • Floor: PVC gerflor
  • Full climate control with built-in display
  • Turbulent airflow (option LAF – ISO5)
  • Hermetically sealed doors (option)
  • Integration of surgical light, monitors and C-arms
  • Deliverable in 6 weeks

All-inclusive As-a-Service rental formula

To maintain and insure the utmost quality at all time, OKAAS™ is a unique all-inclusive as a service rental formula. As a solution provider, ABN Cleanroom Technology is taking at all time responsibility for the operational quality and availability of the facility. This allows the company to achieve the most optimal energy consumption parameters and guarantee scalable uptime for ISO Class 7 up to ISO Class 6 cleanroom applications. By offering this solution as a service, ABN is able to maintain circular life cycle management. Which simply means that the cleanroom facility is reutilized for new or modernized cleanroom purposes.

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