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OKAAS™ - Operating Room 'As-a-Service'

With increasing pressure on the healthcare sector and poor availability of operating rooms in hospitals, more and more independent initiatives are emerging. Our OKAAS™ concept offers surgeons the opportunity to treat patients outside the classic hospital environment. This initiative allows medical staff to help patients whose surgeries would otherwise be postponed due to high unavailability of operation rooms. OKAAS™ allows them to keep working in a classified and compliant operating environment outside the hospital. By providing operating theaters in an 'as a service' model, every surgeon can help patients from their own practice on short term and with low financial investments.

Technical specifications

  • Complies with ISO7 (standard). Upgradable to ISO6 and ISO5 with OT plenum (prefabricated structural frame that installs faster and is cheaper than traditional on-site LAF ceiling systems)
  • Filter class end-filter: H14 HEPA (option U15)
  • Panels & ceiling: 100% flush
  • Modular ceiling & wall systems (HPL/Glass/Drywall)
  • Floor: PVC gerflor
  • Full climate control with built-in display
  • Turbulent airflow (option LAF – ISO5)
  • Hermetically sealed doors (option)
  • Integration of surgical light, monitors and C-arms
  • Deliverable in 6 weeks

OKAAS™ as part of our Cleanroom-As-A-Service model

As being an innovative leader in our market, ABN Cleanroom Technology is providing pre-engineered cleanroom facilities as a Cleanroom-As-A-Service offering that is fully compliant with the ISO17025 standards and related requirements like traceability, quality assurance and availability. This is guaranteed as each facility is equipped with a fully autonomous automated control system and remotely monitored via the GMP certified CleanConnect system. This enables end-users to solely finance a fully compliant facility per operational utilization with a guaranteed level of operational availability and condition traceability. As end-to-end cleanroom solution provider, ABN Cleanroom Technology wants to take full responsibility to maintain, repair, reuse and upgrade the provided resources who provide contained air quality.

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