ULTIMO - World's first ISO5 off-the-shelf cleanroom

With ULTIMO, our patented Plug&Produce indoor cleanroom facility, we present the world's first off-the-shelf ISO5 cleanroom including a digital twin approach and Industry 4.0 connectivity. Our off-the-shelf cleanroom solutions such as ULTIMO connect strongly with the changing requirements and the diversity of today's products that require ISO5 cleanliness classification. It’s time to get you introduced to this revolutionary product in the world of cleanroom technology.

Technical specifications

  • Patent pending concept (nr. 2021/5777)
  • Complies with ISO 14644 grades 8 to 5
  • Surface area from 100m² to 250m²
  • Using a Digital Twin (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to dynamically control fans
  • Industry 4.0 connected
  • Temperature control included
  • Optional: humidity control
  • Complies with GMP and GAMP5
  • Filter class end-filter: H14 or U15
  • Deliverable in 5 weeks

Why opt fot ULTIMO?

Our ULTIMO Plug&Produce cleanroom concept offers quite some advantages:

  • Lead time - Due to our pre-engineered building blocks, we can deliver the ULTIMO within 5 weeks after ordering.
  • Maintainability - By working with a corridor around the cleanroom that contains the techniques and installations, we do not have to enter the cleanroom during maintenance works.
  • Energy-efficiency - By implementing Industry 4.0 techniques, we can continuously monitor and adjust energy consumption of the cleanroom. In case that a high air change rate is not required overnight, we can simply adapt the air change rate without risking overpressure loss.
  • Adaptability - By working with a lateral hallway, it is possible to smoothly integrate additional techniques such as moisture control or temperature control.
  • Industry 4.0 - By working with a Digital Twin, we can always adjust the airflow in the cleanroom according to its interior design.

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