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INITIO - CBD cleanroom for testing protocols

The CBD sector of the cannabis and hemp space is one of the fastest growing segments of the therapeutic and health industry. While working with these unique organic raw materials, precise temperature and humidity conditions are essential to safeguard the crops from harmful contaminants like bacteria, insects, fungi and airborne chemicals.

To comply with a large variety of unique challenges wherein maximizing the potential of their crops is key, ABN Cleanroom Technology has developed INITIO. This unique developed plug-and-play cleanroom solution meets all dedicated industry requirements to address the specific needs for conservation and processing at the utmost quality standards.

Technical specifications

  • State of the art cleanroom wall & ceiling flush panels
  • ISO8/cGMP D as standard (upgradable to ISO7/cGMP C)
  • Standard cooling and heating (option RH control)
  • Lighting: 500 Lux
  • Floor: PVC gerflor
  • CleanConnect integration (Industry 4.0 ready-remote control)
  • Maintenance and annual validation
  • Deliverable in 3 weeks

All-inclusive As-a-Service rental formula

To maintain and insure the utmost quality at all time, INITIO is a unique all-inclusive as a service rental formula. As a solution provider, ABN Cleanroom Technology is taking at all time responsibility for the operational quality and availability of the facility. This allows the company to achieve the most optimal energy consumption parameters and guarantee scalable uptime for ISO Class 8 up to ISO Class 7 cleanroom applications. By offering this solution as a service, ABN is able to maintain circular life cycle management. Which simply means that the cleanroom facility is reutilized for new or modernized cleanroom purposes.

The INITIO request form

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