ICONIC - The most circular Plug&Play cleanroom

The ICONIC cleanroom is a brand new member of our modular & pre-engineered cleanroom family. It is particularly designed to meet the most urgent demands in industries with fast changing cleanroom needs. This ultimate Plug&Play cleanroom comes with an ISO7 cleanliness area, a PAL, MAL and industry 4.0 connected cleanroom control. Our well-known pre-engineered approach allows a fast delivery time while meeting the highest quality requirements. What's more, the ICONIC cleanroom generates significant productivity gains due to its design, construction and validation capabilities of less than 4 weeks.

Technical specifications

  • Surface area from 20m² to 72m²
  • Overpressure control – Pressure Cascade (option negative pressure)
  • Temperature control (option humidity control)
  • Filter class end-filter: H14 HEPA
  • Panels & Ceiling: FM 4882 approved
  • Complies with ISO grades 8 to 7
  • Complies with cGMP grades C & D
  • Expandable with cleanroom modules of 24 m² each
  • 100% circularity due to circular supply chain
  • All systems, ceilings and walls are A2s1d0 (EN 13501-1) compliant and FM approved (FM4880 & FM4882)


Each pre-designed cleanroom module is designed to connect together and create a fully integrated climate-controlled cleanroom. ICONIC reduces customer risk of production loss or escalating costs due to design-build timelines. Other benefits are:

  • Faster speed to marketfield
  • Reduced cost
  • Proven design approved by regulatory agencies
  • Reconfigurable elements
  • Expandable in the future
  • Future-proof in a circular way


The ICONIC Plug&Play cleanroom design allows a semi-bespoke cleanroom solution to be configured using our pre-engineered and standardized building blocks. ICONIC cleanrooms meet the highest quality requirements and are validated to ISO 14644-1 standard.

  • Receive a general price quotation within 4 hours after your ICONIC price enquiry.
  • Receive a detailed price quotation within 24 hours after confirming the general price quotation.
  • After your confirmation of the detailed price quotation, we start constructing your new ICONIC cleanroom.
  • Only 3 weeks after your confirmation, we finalise the construction activities of your ICONIC Plug&Play cleanroom.
  • A two-day validation and documentation process is the final step before delivering your ready-to-use ISO7 cleanroom.

"The true circular value of the ICONIC concept lies in the future, when the cleanroom will have to be dismantled one day. Only when all materials are reused without any loss of value, we will be able to speak of a closed cycle."

- Kris Bogaers, Cleanroom Concept Engineer at ABN Cleanroom

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