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CUSTOM MADE - outdoor cleanrooms

It has always been our vision at ABN Cleanroom Technology that building a cleanroom at high quality, with great flexibility and with speed should be the core value of a cleanroom supplier. This means that cleanroom projects with modular architectures can easily be broken down into a number of standardized building blocks, which can be rearranged to create different configurations and variants. The VIX concept has a standard platform in which cleanrooms can be configured specifically for the client. By doing so, entire product families can be formed based on the same limited number of modules. Next to a wide variety of outdoor Plug & Play cleanroom solutions, such as SteriCube, HOSPIX or Lab2Cube, ABN Cleanroom Technology’s approved building blocks enable any custom outdoor cleanroom.

Higher efficiency

Our modular cleanroom strategy enables speed, flexibility and reliability by a process-driven approach. The customer requirements will be organized in such a manner that from a set of product features with pre-defined possible values, a combination of parts and assemblies will be selected to make a specific pre-defined, pre-engineered and pre-validated cleanroom. This approach will benefit the quality of the delivered cleanroom. Building blocks will be specified in advance in order to configure an infinite amount of different cleanrooms. Every order will be composed from existing building blocks with the help of a product configurator. These building blocks (or sub compositions) make it possible to design a client specific outdoor cleanroom solution.

Configuring cleanrooms from a set of predefined options enables a drastic reduction of process complexity and risk of failure. Furthermore, a driven analysis in our approach is essential to investigate what really creates value for the customer investing in a cleanroom. Drivers such as easy adaptability in the future, but also maintainability and reliability are the hidden value drivers that are really important for the client.

Reducing complexity in order to increase the level of quality

Our approved cleanroom solutions can easily be broken down into a number of standardized building blocks, which makes the process less sensitive to errors in the first place. The process is optimized and errors are quickly detected and solved before they escalate and delay the project. Additionally, the delivery time of a custom made cleanroom solution is minimized. Because the engineering phase shortens, time savings as well as cost savings are tremendous. Engineers invest their time in a new design once, resulting in high-qualified modular products for cleanroom technology, precisely tailored to the requirements of the customer

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