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Our purpose

Morale is crucial to feed the engine of action. But purpose gives morale awareness. At ABN Cleanroom Technology, we strongly believe that together they can lead to greatness.

Our purpose is clear: make cleanroom technology accessible in the world.

It is our strong belief that by realising our purpose, we can be a meaningful company in our society. We realize that a purpose is never fully achieved, so it remains a constant, relatively unchanging stimulus. And let this stimulus be a highly innovation-driven strategy that allows us to remain loyal to our highest goal, our purpose.

What we stand for

As a leading global cleanroom technology and life sciences company, we provide a broad range of cleanroom solutions and services for production and development of (bio)pharmaceutical and micro-electronics applications. We help improve outcomes for healthcare providers and for technology innovators in Europe, with pre-engineering at the core of our business.

Our modular circular cleanroom solutions are based on standardization and pre-engineering. We believe that this significantly increases the reliability of our solutions and considerably reduces the life cycle cost. It is our philosophy that this approach makes cleanroom technology affordable, by not only focusing on the CAPEX but also by putting the Total Cost of Ownership at the core of our vision.

We embrace a culture of passion, innovation, transparency and integrity.

ABN Cleanroom features

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