People in LAF 4

Our innovative DNA

Morale is crucial to feed the engine of action. But purpose gives morale awareness. At ABN Cleanroom Technology, we strongly believe that together they can lead to greatness. Our purpose is clear: make cleanroom technology accessible in the world. It is our strong belief that by realising our purpose, we can be a meaningful company in our society. We realize that a purpose is never fully achieved, so it remains a constant, relatively unchanging stimulus. And let this stimulus be a highly innovation-driven strategy that allows us to remain loyal to our highest goal, our purpose.

"At ABN Cleanroom Technology, we pre-engineer mission-critical cleanroom technology for a healthy, smart and responsible future."

- Jo Nelissen, CEO/Founder of ABN Cleanroom

Disruptive Innovation is in our DNA

Disruptive Innovation is in our DNA and is the core of everything we do at ABN Cleanroom Technology. Right from the start of ABN, we experienced a lot of ingrained and outdated beliefs in the cleanroom market. Our innovation strategy leads to patented cleanroom concepts that bring enormous customer value. Important topics around which our innovations revolve are:

- Lowest life cycle cost
- Circular design
- Custom-made through legalisation
- Modularisation
- RAM design (Reliability, Availability, Maintaibility)
- Industry 4.0 data management with AI applications

Investment in R&D is therefore an important driver for our innovation strategy. We continue to make a balanced investment in the life cycle management and market development of existing concepts that bring short to mid-term commercial benefits.

Our company culture

At ABN Cleanroom Technology, we are constantly working to achieve maximum impact through our innovative DNA. This means that we make all decisions with future driven results in mind. Our company culture is the fuel that enables us to disruptively transform the cleanroom world every single day. With the help of our growth mindset, we continuosly strive for excellence in customer satisfaction. This mindset ensures that everyone is hungry for knowledge and skills that allow us to constantly reinvent ourselves in a positive and ambitious way. This positive environment has a strong impact on mutual respect, happiness and joy on a personal and team level. On top of that, it helps to make ABN a better place to work, time and time again.

Our values

A will to win

Always wanting to win starts with passion. We feel a strong sense of eagerness to learn in our hearts and minds. We use this drive to continuously inspire not only ourselves, but also our team members and stakeholders. We realise that winning means lifelong learning more than ever.


We believe that togetherness boosts overall morale and camaraderie, increases job satisfaction and helps us to achieve our full potential. Together as a team, castles are built.


Our liquid organisation is constantly changing by fully embracing the transition from "command and control" to "share and learn". From the inside out and from the outside in. Dynamism, flexibility, adaptability and anti-fragility are the keystones of our liquid vision.

Fast is better than slow

We firmly believe that our pre-engineered approach, where modularisation is key, gives our customers faster access to reliable cleanroom solutions. Where cleanrooms used to be designed from scratch, legolisation is now the new way of working.

Dare to be different

Our innovative culture drives us to question sacred cows. The courage to be different requires leadership and perseverance. We realise that swimming against the tide takes a lot of energy in the short term, but gives the greatest satisfaction in the long run.

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