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Mobile cleanrooms & Biosafety Labs

Some companies are only temporarily in need of a small cleanroom, others however prefer to start with renting a limited cleanroom area but with the possibility to expand later on. Our mobile and modular cleanrooms and laboratories are an ideal solution for companies looking for temporary extensions at short notice.

SteriCube – Mobile Cleanroom

SteriCube leads the way in off-site built cleanroom construction. Our mobile cleanroom unit with high performance HEPA filtration technology combined with air conditioning technology makes SteriCube ideal for micro-electronics, pharmaceuticals and microbial applications.

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SoftCube - Movable & pre-engineered softwalls

SoftCube is a modular and free standing filtration system that features energy-efficient ceiling HEPA fan filter units to guarantee a continuous flow of particle-free air. With an ISO7 cleanliness standard, SoftCube is used for applications in the field of pharmaceuticals, micro-electronics, biotechnology, nanotechnology and the food industry.

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Lab2Cube - Mobile High Safety Labs

Existing and new diseases still pose a major threat to our society on a daily basis. To fight diseases such as COVID-19, AIDS and SARS, an increasing amount of High Safety Labs are needed. We can provide you with mobile laboratories for biological pathogens that meet all the necessary quality requirements.

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Where to find our pre-engineered & modular cleanroom concepts?