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Cleanroom Asset Management - ISO55000

Setting up and implementing the ISO55000 series is part of creating value for physical assets in cleanroom environments. An effective and high-performance asset management system ensures the company objectives to be set in relation to its assets and aligns various stakeholders. ABN Cleanroom Technology is the first provider in the field of cleanroom technology to use the ISO55000 series to set up a standardized framework for high-quality asset management in cleanroom environments.

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Science-Based Quality Risk Management

Risk management for cleanrooms is a “systematic application of management policies, procedures, and practices to the task of identifying, assessing, controlling and monitoring risks”.

The ICH Q9 guideline provides principles and examples of tools for quality risk management that can be applied to different aspects of pharmaceutical quality. ICH Q9 describes a systematic approach to quality risk management and is used as basis of the Quality Risk Management Approach.

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Predictive maintenance strategy

The internet of things (IoT) is increasingly applied in cleanroom industry to help support the asset health status. Leveraging IoT and complementary technologies such as Industry 4.0 requires the application of skills and expertise in-house. Our reliability engineers have a vital role here. ABN Cleanroom Technology partners up strategically with IoT service provider to set up, access and analyze data from sensors and devices and convert them into actionable insights with our CleanConnect platform. We use this intelligence for condition monitoring, risk management and reliability improvement initiatives.

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