Ready-to-ship cleanroom solutions

In the past, we noticed that we could not always meet the customer's needs, even with our pre-engineering approach, and that there was an increasing demand for flexible, fast and affordable cleanroom solutions. Being innovators in the cleanroom industry, we started combining ideas and solutions to come up with the best possible ready to ship cleanroom solutions. It hasn't always been easy, and this process has involved trial and error, but we are proud to present ourselves as a company that is shifting the cleanroom industry. Our Plug&Produce cleanroom facilities make cleanroom technology accessible to everyone. The current cleanroom landscape changes constantly and in order to keep up with these fast-changing markets, we offer cleanroom solutions that are off-the-shelf available. With our diverse range of pre-engineered cleanroom solutions, we are able to meet the market demand for budget-friendly and Plug&Produce solutions for all types of companies.

ICONIC - Preconfigured & configure-to-order modules

Our Plug&Produce cleanroom facility ICONIC is a perfect addition to our modular & pre-engineered cleanroom family. ICONIC is particularly designed to meet the most urgent demands in fast changing industries with ISO8 and ISO7 cleanroom needs without humidity control. Our pre-engineered cleanroom approach allows a delivery time of 2 weeks (ICONIC GO) up to 6 weeks (ICONIC MAXX PLUS) while meeting the highest quality requirements for your production process.

ICONIC specifications

INTEGRA - Preconfigured & configure-to-order modules

While ICONIC has been specifically engineered to meet the rapidly changing needs in ISO8 or ISO7 cleanroom facilities, we currently find ourselves in a market where those requirements are even more stringent, up to ISO5 or ISO4 cleanliness applications with temperature and humidity control. In order to meet the demand for a higher cleanliness classification without compromising on Plug&Produce and simplicity, we have launched INTEGRA.

INTEGRA specifications

OKAAS™ - Operating room As a Service

With increasing pressure on the healthcare sector, more and more independent initiatives such as private clinics and medical centres are emerging. OKAAS™ offers surgeons the opportunity to treat patients outside the classic hospital environment. This allows them to retain their own identity and independence and still work in a suitable environment conform the required cleanliness classification.

OKAAS™ specifications

SoftCube - Moveable Softwall cleanroom

Our softwall, named SoftCube, is a modular and free standing filtration system that features energy-efficient ceiling HEPA fan filter units to guarantee a continuous flow of particle-free air. With an ISO7 cleanliness standard, SoftCube is used for applications in the field of pharmaceuticals, micro-electronics, biotechnology, nanotechnology and the food industry.

Softcube specifications

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