Off-the-shelf indoor cleanroom facilities

In fast-changing industries, it is of great importance to be able to keep up with new developments as quickly as possible. Whether you are dealing with changing regulations or a shortage of production capacity, companies must be able to adapt as quickly as possible. Our off-the-shelf cleanrooms are the perfect solution for companies that need specific indoor cleanroom solutions at short notice.


Our softwall, named SoftCube, is a modular and free standing filtration system that features energy-efficient ceiling HEPA fan filter units to guarantee a continuous flow of particle-free air. With an ISO7 cleanliness standard, SoftCube is used for applications in the field of pharmaceuticals, micro-electronics, biotechnology, nanotechnology and the food industry.


Our plug & play cleanroom facilities ICONIC GO and ICONIC MAX are a perfect addition to our modular & pre-engineered cleanroom family. ICONIC is particularly designed to meet the most urgent demands in fast changing industries with ISO8 and ISO7 cleanroom needs. Our pre-engineered cleanroom approach allows a delivery time of less than 5 weeks while meeting the highest quality requirements for your production process.

KwikStep & ULTIMO

ULTIMO, KwikStep GO and KwikStep FLOW are all patent pending plug & play ballroom facilities based on cross-flow air treatment. These off-the-shelf facilities are designed for ISO7, ISO6 and ISO5 production environments with delivery requirements of less than 5 weeks. Moreover, they are the first cleanroom concepts ever brought to market based on a fully digital twin model.

OKAAS™ - Operating room As a Service

With increasing pressure on the healthcare sector, more and more independent initiatives such as private clinics and medical centres are emerging. OKAAS™ offers these clinics the opportunity to treat patients outside the classic hospital environment. This allows them to retain their own identity and independence and still work in a suitable environment.

Where to find our pre-engineered & modular cleanroom concepts?