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Pre-engineered customised projects

Since our establishment in 1996, ABN strategically decided to focus on the Total Cost of Ownership of cleanrooms. Our modular, pre-engineered and highly energy saving patented VIX concept allows us to minimize the hidden costs of ownership of your indoor cleanroom facility. Our cleanrooms are pre-engineered as a system and regardless of location, they are replicated with the same durability, reliability and ease of maintenance through its standardized building blocks. Choosing a modular & pre-engineering approach delivers predictable and repeatable solutions with ultimate upgradability for the client’s changing cleanroom business. Our scalable, flexible VIX platform offers a wide range of choices when it comes to future driven design. The cornerstone of this vision is building the next generation cleanrooms in a disruptive way.

Customized pre-engineered cleanrooms

  • Your cleanroom solution for surfaces from 100m² to 1500m²
  • Complies with ISO grades 8 up to 4
  • Complies with cGMP grade D, C & B
  • Delivery possiblities from 3 weeks to 3 months
  • Seperate areas with cleanliness classifications seperate from the ballroom classification can be supplied
  • Based on our patented VIX concept

VIX features

Patented VIX-concept

Our ballroom-cleanrooms are equipped with ABN Cleanroom Technology's patented VIX concept (nr. 2820356). This concept holds on to a pre-engineered approach of the energy and technical installations of each cleanroom in order to optimize the usable space, minimize energy costs and reduce the duration of the construction work. It enhances your production process and prevents conflicts between systems such as chillers, boilers & heatpumps, steam installations, heat exchangers, electrical panels, regulation panels, control systems and fire detection.

Applications & insights

Where to find our pre-engineered & modular cleanroom concepts?