Our purpose & vision

  • Innovation

    to achieve lowest costs and fastest implementation

Vision: Energy Efficiency driving the future

We believe that Energy Efficiency is the single most important future source of energy.


Not only is it currently the most effective way to combat rising energy prices and increasing supply demands – it is probably the most important response to one of the biggest threat humans have ever faced…

Climate Change


Energy efficiencies in all walks of life will help reduce the effects of climate change, and cleanroom environment can make a significant contribution by using the best available technologies to reduce the amount of energy needed to operate facilities.

Saving our Energy is Now a Moral Responsibility, with our CleanConnect® & VIX Technology we try to help by delivering the most efficacious energy saving solutions available on the Cleanroom market.


Speed in realisation of customer benefits

We have only two sources of competitive advantage:


The ability to learn more about our customers faster than our competitors, and the ability to turn that learning into actions faster than our competitors.




vision-treeAt ABN we believe in the power of technology to solve just about anything. And it starts with one question:

“How to make the world a healthier place by means of ABN’s technology?”

It is our purpose to make both the  investment and the total cost of ownership of cleanroom technology affordable, and to be the fastest cleanroom solution provider in Europe.

Speed through innovation


Vraag het onze specialisten

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