ABN sponsors Flanders Food Technology Days

The patented VIX concept also shows a highly sterile manufacturing capability in the food industry with maximum attention to modularity / scalability of the project.

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ABN vision on Trends in Pharma Facility Design

Flexibility, cost efficiency, sustainability and speed are characterizing the new generation facilities.

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EpiGaN: ABN installs energy-efficient process cooling

ABN performs relocation and optimization of the existing cooling infrastructure, resulting in an annual savings of more than 23,000 euros.

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DSI technology enables significant energy savings

Dynamic Speed ​​Interface software allows to lower drastically the energy consumption in a cleanroom.

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Design, construction and validation of new cleanroom for Lapicor

Realization of a new cleanroom with ATEX classification within a tight timing.

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Luxexcel grants ABN construction of new cleanrooms

The VIX concept of ABN has been implemented, which uses up to 60% less energy than conventional cleanroom concepts.

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Fagron selects ABN as service provider

Ultra modern GMP manufacturing site for pharmaceutical compounding.

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EpiGaN: production area gets upgrade to a higher level of cleanliness

Upgrade of existing cleanroom to a higher degree of cleanliness through the design of a very ingenious local ventilation system.

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ABN builds energy efficient cleanroom for Epicura

An ultra-efficient cleanroom was designed using the patented VIX® concept with DSI technology.

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VIX®-concept meets requirements British standard

Faster installation times and more than 65% energy savings compared with traditional cleanroom concepts.

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Vraag het onze specialisten

Graag laten wij u kennis met ABN's cleanroom technologie. Geniet van advies op maat door een van onze specialisten.

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