About ABN

  • Passion to innovate

Speed, innovation, sustainability

ABN Cleanroom Technology is part of the ABN Air Management Group, which was founded by Jo Nelissen and Rosaline Wijnen as a first generation business in 1996.

As of day one, ABN focused on the most innovative air conditioning technology. The same focus was set for cleanroom technology, resulting in 1999 in the creation of a separate business unit: ABN Cleanroom Technology.

It is the mission of ABN Cleanroom Technology to be the fastest provider in the cleanroom market:  being 10 times faster than our nearest competitor is our benchmark.

Speed ​​is present in various forms: from design, to build, to validate and to service.

Through our highly innovative DNA, we can make cleanrooms affordable, in terms of investment and in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In this way, ABN makes cleanroom technology more accessible to society.

ABN Cleanroom Technology aims  thus to contribute to the society as it is our conviction that all our innovations contribute to sustainability in and outside the company.


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