ABN vision on Trends in Pharma Facility Design

The current trends in pharma facility design are towards smaller facilities implemented at a significantly lower cost than in the past.

The focus is shifting from a few large facilities serving the World market to smaller facilities serving regional needs.

Flexibility , cost efficiency , sustainability and speed are characterizing the new generation facilities. High yield processes, single use equiplment and modular concepts are tools contributing to the ability to meet the demands of these new facilities.

The key drivers we see for more flexibility are:

  • Personalized medicine
  • These batches are smaller and more targeted. They require the flexibility and safety of modular manufacturing
  • Overall cost pressures in the global health care system
  • Regional requirements and the need to deploy manufacturing rather than centralize it all in one location

We view modular manufacturing as the same as flexible manufacturing , and it is something that can be achieved in a number ways.

Although traditional facilities were historically preferrred for pharma production , modular constructions are a growing trend.

Reducing the time required for the critical engineering design phase of Construction means that site and foundation work, and module Construction are conducted in parallel, reducing overall time and increasing speed to market.

In fact , modular Construction can reduce length of time from design to approval by almost half to compare to traditional thinking and save significant reductions in capital cost.


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