CASE STUDY: New high-level cleanroom for Mogema

Mechatronics in Advanced Manufacturing

Mogema, part of Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics, is a high-tech expert in machining, welding, assembling and vacuum technology, specialised in fully-qualified mechatronic systems. They serve the semiconductor, medical & analytical, oil & gas and defence industries as well as the scientific community. As expert in serving the mechatronics industry and as leading supplier of modular & pre-engineered cleanroom solutions, ABN Cleanroom Technology provided a high-level cleanroom for Mogema.

In this movie, Mogema discusses their urgent need for additional cleanroom space and the process by which ABN Cleanroom Technology realised a new cleanroom on short notice to meet increased production demand, fully equipped with a validated monitoring system and with the highest degree of scalability and flexibilty for future expansion.

Challenges of mechatronics in the semicon industry

Semiconductors are becoming increasingly important in the world. They support technologies that improve the lives of consumers and make businesses run smarter, faster and more efficiently. This promising sector faces the challenge and opportunity of meeting the fast-growing product demand in the immediate future. In order to meet this increasing demand, additional cleanrooms are needed, and urgently.

The free case study about Mogema (Mechatronics in Advanced Manufacturing) below covers the challenges the semicon industry faces. These challenges range way further just adding cleanroom space for customer growth. It also deals with the problem of not knowing the precise status of the installed cleanroom and its critical cooling equipment. Ever thought about how to apply the right maintenance strategy, based on failure mechanisms in relation to the criticality of the cleanroom? Therefore, we will dive into the current challenges of this industry, our modular and pre-engineered solution for Mogema, the process it took to realise this fantastic cleanroom project and the outcome.

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What other people say about our cleanoom solutions?

From the very first contact with ABN Cleanroom Technology, we had a good feeling about both the people behind ABN and their project approach. There was always clear communication about their concept and working methods. And that concept is what sets ABN apart from other cleanroom suppliers.

Prof. Dr. Jan H. Spaas, CEO

ABN Cleanroom Technology was appointed to provide the complete isothermal construction, the necessary techniques, a new floor and the furniture for our cleanroom. We made a good choice to let them handle the construction of our cleanroom and everything that comes with it.

Bernard Sagaert, Vice President Manufacturing