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When you’re looking to buy or rent a cleanroom, there are several determining factors that have an impact on your investment. The cost can range significantly depending on your requirements. But do you have thorough understanding of the investment cost and the entire lifecycle cost of your cleanroom? Let this calculator support you in getting a cleanroom project investment costs.


Let us calculate your cleanroom investment

The cost of a modular & pre-engineered cleanroom can range significantly depending on your requirements and it is extremely tricky to give you a fixed cleanroom cost price per square meter. Why is that? There are many variables to take into consideration when looking for purchasing or renting a cleanroom. What is the location of installation? Will it be a box-in-box solution? What is your required cleanliness classification? What utilities do you need? Our off-the-shelf indoor cleanroom facilities and mobile outdoor cleanroom units are developed to meet customers’s needs across all sectors and for all ISO & cGMP classifications.

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