Cleanroom-as-a-Service© for NKT Photonics

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Date: July 06, 2021

Within various industries, the demand for portable and scalable cleanroom applications is constantly increasing. Companies are not only seeking large ballroom cleanrooms, but are also in need of smaller cleanroom surfaces for specific processes under certain ISO conditions within that larger area. NKT Photonics in Denmark, a leading distributor of high-performance fiber lasers, fiber optic sensing systems and photonic crystal fibers, is one of those companies requiring a small dimensioned cleanroom.

Moveable & pre-engineered softwalls

In the short term, they needed a minimum of 30m² of additional cleanroom space with AMC filtration in addition to HEPA filtration, meeting the ISO 6 standard. Within 3 weeks, we provided them with the perfect solution by means of our modular SoftCube. As a result of our legolisation and modular approach, our SoftCubes are always available at short notice due to their off-the-shelf nature.

As the picture besides shows, our SoftCube is a freestanding construction that does not require suspending support. It is a modular filtration system that features energy-efficient HEPA fan filter units to guarantee a continuous flow of particle-free air. This innovative crossflow concept is unique within the cleanroom industry and offers substantial advantages in terms of vertical airflow.


Not only ballroom cleanroom projects fit into our Cleanroom-a-a-Service (CAAS) strategy, but also movable SoftCube solutions like this one where we provided an ISO 6 classified space with AMC filtration. “Why is this CAAS-strategy so important?, I hear you thinking. Well, by initiating the complete switch from a CAPEX to an OPEX investment model, we are the first supplier in Europe that introduces servitization within the cleanroom industry”, explains CEO Jo Nelissen.

An OPEX business model starts with cleanroom design that allows OPEX business models. There is no point in offering OPEX services when your cleanroom design doesn’t allow it. Servitization enables to change the traditional business model into a circular model, in which cleanrooms are designed with more attention to sustainability and quality.

Our CAAS solutions are available throughout Europe. By offering flexible custom solutions, we aim to transform the CAPEX cleanroom market into an OPEX cleanroom market. By doing so, we want to improve the cleanroom industry not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of sustainability and circularity.

Give us a call if you are interested in modular and pre-engineered cleanroom solutions.

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