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Pre-engineered and modular cleanrooms for the world to come

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Date: April 16, 2021

Today’s cleanroom concepts are evolving towards a modular and pre-engineered design approach in order to meet rapidly changing needs in cleanroom technology business. For us, this means that cleanrooms are always pre-engineered as a system and regardless of location, they are replicated with the same durability, reliability and ease of maintenance through its standardized building blocks. Choosing a modular & pre-engineered engineering approach delivers predictable and repeatable solutions with ultimate upgradability for the client’s changing cleanroom business.

As pointed out in the framework below, pre-engineering is the core of our cleanroom design process. We ensure that our standardized building blocks contain all the intelligence needed for optimal cleanroom design. This pre-engineered approach not only strongly reduces the lead time of our projects, but also improves their cost-effectiveness. Moreover, we can guarantee that we will deliver a perfectly functioning cleanroom ready for use on site and that this cleanroom will be performing according to the required specifications throughout its life cycle. By using a lifecycle approach, we ensure that adaptability and sustainability are fully integrated into our cleanroom designs.

Shorten lead times and reduce cost impact

We know pretty well that reliability and predictability of project timelines and costs have become more critical than ever. By applying standardized building blocks, we shorten the lead time and reduce the cost impact. A pre-engineered approach makes it even possible to deliver a turnkey cleanroom within weeks, without losing the high-standard quality.

We extend our corporate core value to mobile cleanroom solutions as well. All our mobile cleanrooms are built off-site, prequalified, shipped to the customer and validated on site. This mobility aspect has multiple advantages. Our mobile cleanrooms do not have to be installed permanently at one location. They can be made operational at a temporary site and relocated afterwards. In addition, we lower inherent indirect costs that occur during on-site construction.

Flexibility and circularity in cleanroom design

A pre-engineered and modular cleanroom approach also relates to flexibility and circularity of facilities, which depends on two major factors: multi-product processing capability and scalability. In terms of flexibility: prefabricated cleanroom units can be interconnected to create a variety of different cleanroom infrastructures, from a multitude of single cleanroom units for segregation to large cleanroom areas.

In terms of circularity: our cleanroom developers have a lot of social responsibility during their projects. In addition to designing reliable cleanrooms, they are also constantly thinking up new solutions with a focus on circularity. This makes us a pioneer in introducing the cleanroom as a service concept to the European market. We believe that changing the business model from CAPEX to OPEX is the only way to achieve the transition to circularity, a new standard for cleanrooms in a very nearby future.

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