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Interview CEO Jo Nelissen: "Modular and pre-engineered cleanrooms for the lowest life cycle cost"

Category: Case study
Date: March 03, 2020

Bouwen aan de Zorg interview - Edition 1/2020: ABN Cleanroom Technology is a leading innovator in providing Industry 4.0 Connected Cleanrooms. With 23 years of experience in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health care applications, ABN is an established international cleanroom supplier in the contemporary cleanroom market.

Minimize hidden cost of ownership with patented VIX concept

“By minimising the hidden ‘Cost of Ownership’ through our modular, pre-engineered and energy saving VIX concept, we make cleanroom technology affordable. We strongly believe in increasing accessibility to cleanroom applications for all types of companies. This patented VIX concept leads to a higher energy efficiency and reliability, but also to speed in cleanroom projects”, explains Jo Nelissen, CEO of ABN Cleanroom Technology. “We noticed that modularity in this sector offers a welcome alternative for conventional cleanrooms in spaces that require a certain flexibility in terms of air cleanliness, expandability and location.”

AVON - HEPA filtered air, cooling & heating all in one unit

ABN’s innovations are also reflected in the product developments. The development of the mobile cleanroom SteriCube has been successfully received on an international scale for years now. Just like AVON, another development for medical applications. Jo Nelissen explains: “AVON is a compact air purification unit that combines HEPA filtered air, cooling and heating in one unit, completely aligned with our pre-engineered modular concept. This climate unit provides positive or negative pressure up to ISO 5. Perfect for hospitals and labs.”

Full edition of the magazine: https://www.bouwenaandezorg.eu/editie/nr-01-2020/

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Case study

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Case study

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