Honored to contribute to the health of diabetes with VIX, our modular cleanroom concept

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Date: July 28, 2020

What a great experience, building a cleanroom for Indigo. Indigo is a young medical device company that develops ground-breaking photonics technologies at miniature scale in order to develop an innovative product for people with diabetes. They concluded a €38 million round of financing for further expansion of the company. This new investment round will enable Indigo Diabetes to prepare and start up the clinical study phase. The small sensor chip is designed to be inserted underneath the skin and continuously measure glucose and ketones in people with diabetes. ABN was very honored to build a cleanroom for Indigo to contribute to their research.

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Our new ISO 7 Stericube is off to the UK

And off it goes, our new ISO 7 Stericube is on its way to the UK. Our mobile cleanroom unit Stericube with filter & ventilation technology combined with air conditioning technology is available for short-term and long-term renting purposes with ISO6-ISO7 cleanliness classification.