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ABN Cleanroom Technology announces new collaboration with LabForRent for SteriCube & ICONIC

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Date: January 15, 2021

Pre-engineered & mobile unit for cleanroom applications from ABN Cleanroom Technology

Our SteriCube and ICONIC cleanrooms are now available on LabForRent. A convenient solution for companies in need of a temporary cleanroom to bridge order peaks without compromising product quality. These units can be supplied in compliance with ISO 8 up to ISO 6 standards and are available within 4 weeks after orderings.

Some companies are only temporarily in need of a small cleanroom, others however prefer to start with renting a limited cleanroom area but with the possibility to expand later on. Due to its temporary character and scalability possibilities, the SteriCube and ICONIC cleanrooms are a perfect fit to address those needs.

  • Mobile unit to be easily relocated if needed;
  • Bridge order peaks without compromising the quality of your product;
  • Flexible and configurable design;
  • Possible integration of the unit into existing spaces;
  • Available in renting or buying model.

Size of offered spaces:

  • 10 m2 – 450 m2

Available space and hightech equipment

The SteriCube is a pre-engineered mobile unit that can be divided into a technical room, a classified space, a personnel and material airlock. Filtered air, conform the end-users requirements, is blown into the classified space via a ceiling plenum.

The high performance HEPA filter technology makes the SteriCube ideal for pharmaceutical and microbial applications, automotive, micro-electronics and manufacturing processes in the food industry.

Technical specifications:

  • Available for ISO6/ISO7 cleanliness classification;
  • SteriCube includes data collection for cleanroom insights;
  • Scalable concept with shorter timelines for clonable sites;
  • Cleanable epoxy flooring & wall;
  • Robust, antimicrobial aluminum structure;
  • Repurposable unit.

The ICONIC cleanroom is a pre-engineered mobile unit designed to meet the most urgent demands in industries with fast changing cleanroom needs. The ICONIC Plug&Play cleanroom is expandable with cleanroom modules of 24 m² each, which allows a semi-bespoke cleanroom solution to be configured using our pre-engineered and standardized building blocks. ICONIC cleanrooms meet the highest quality requirements.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions per cleanroom module: 4 x 6m;
  • 2 AVON units for sterile and conditioned air per module;
  • 1 CURE unit for creating overpressure per module;
  • Filter class end-filter: H14 HEPA;
  • validated to ISO 14644-1 standard;
  • 100% circularity due to circular supply chain.

What else is offered?

Mobile facilities have demonstrated tremendous potential in wide-ranging industries. Not only the initial investment or operational cost, but the quality as well will profit from this pre-engineered mobile cleanroom. Next to cleanroom renting spaces, ABN Cleanroom Technology also offers:

  • Analytical support
  • Business support
  • Intellectual property & legal support
  • Knowhow
  • Wifi / network
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest offices


ABN Cleanroom Technology is situated in Bilzen (Belgium), near de Dutch and German border.

Kieleberg 1
3740 Bilzen – Belgium

Winthontlaan 200
3526 KV Utrecht – The Netherlands

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