Press release: ABN and ViTalent join forces to build cleanroom in new training centre

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Date: October 21, 2021

Bilzen/Niel - ABN Cleanroom Technology will soon be installing a brand new modular and pre-engineered cleanroom concept at the ViTalent site. Together with ViTalent, ABN wants to support practical training for current and future employees within the life sciences industry. By entering into this sustainable and exclusive partnership, ABN contributes to the development of one of the fastest growing and crucial sectors in today's cleanroom world.

ABN Cleanroom Technology, founded in 1996 by Rosaline Wijnen and Jo Nelissen, is a leader in the design, construction, validation and maintenance of cleanrooms in the life sciences sector. The total integration of these core activities in one company gives them a unique position in the cleanroom market with projects that are fully modular & pre-engineered. Through this partnership with ViTalent, the very first specialised training centre for pharma and biotech in Flanders, they hope to contribute to the development and training of trainees within this fast-growing sector.

ViTalent is the first training centre in Flanders that offers practice-oriented training for current and future employees within life sciences. The training centre is being built at the brand-new science park in Niel. On a surface area of 1,500m², there will be classrooms, labs, practical areas and a cleanroom to simulate the working conditions in pharma and biotech companies in a lifelike way. The aim is to open the doors in mid-2022 and eventually to train several thousand people a year. The training centre will make use of the most modern didactic methods and the most advanced equipment.

Recently, a new step was taken in the realisation of ViTalent. ViTalent has entered into a long-term partnership with ABN Cleanroom Technology NV for the construction of a unique cleanroom. Thanks to the agreement with ABN, ViTalent can count on the expertise of a local partner who will fully design the cleanroom according to the needs and requirements of the training centre. The result is a true-to-life training space of no less than 220m² where students can learn specific skills needed to work in the advanced production environments of pharma and biotech.

Moreover, the new cleanroom will function as an experience zone for future and current ABN customers. Here they can get a real-time impression of the various cleanroom concepts offered by the Belgian market leader. In addition to a cleanroom, the building is also equipped with meeting rooms, which means it can also serve as a meeting place for customers and business contacts. "By entering into this sustainable cooperation with ViTalent, we are embracing them as a new ecosystem partner. The overriding aim of this project is to develop both a training and experience centre in which interested parties can discover everything about cleanroom environments and get to know the assets of this fast-growing sector in an original and high-tech way," says Jo Nelissen, CEO of ABN Cleanroom Technology.

The actual installation of the cleanroom will start in early 2022. ViTalent, a joint initiative of essenscia vlaanderen, the sector federation for chemistry and life sciences, and the trade unions ABVV, ACLVB and ACV, with the financial support of the sectoral and joint training fund Co-valent, will open its doors at the Science Park in Niel in the middle of next year.

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