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Cleanroom Asset Management - ISO55000

The pharmaceutical and electronics industry is highly regulated. We can say that it is an asset-intensive industry where quality and risk management are important elements to support business processes. Moreover, we can state that it is difficult to align business processes, quality management systems and risk assessment systems within the vision of the organization. For this reason, ABN Cleanroom Technology is the first provider in the field of cleanroom technology to use the ISO55000 series to set up a standardized framework for high-quality asset management in cleanroom environments.

ISO55000 for high-quality asset management

Setting up and implementing the ISO55000 series is part of creating value for physical assets in cleanroom environments. An effective and high-performance asset management system ensures the company objectives to be set in relation to its assets and aligns various stakeholders. This risk based approach captures the value generated by the assets.

Asset management in cleanroom environments is all about setting the performance of cleanroom assets against the risks involved. How to be more performance driven within the context of competition from low-wage countries? A thorough asset management strategy determines the competitiveness of a company. Particularly in the context of globalisation, markets change rapidly and the aspect ‘sustainability’ becomes ever more important. Since sustainability is related to profitability, a decent asset management approach brings a lot of value on business level.

Relationship between key elements of an asset management system

Benefits of ISO55000

What are the benefits of an ISO55000 approach to Cleanroom Asset Management (CAM)?

In the 55000 series, an asset is defined as “an item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organisation”. Assets in the field of cleanroom technology can be all kind of engineering related assets: air handling units, but also pumps, chillers or fans that create overpressure in the cleanroom.

Implementing asset management systems can create quick wins related to risk reduction and process improvements. The process of good asset management brings new perspectives and new value streams in an organization.

Creating an asset management system is usually cross-functional and based on the life cycle of the asset. It is precisely those new insights within a cross-functional integration that bring up real value. Furthermore, asset management systems provide more insight into energy management, environmental management and other factors that benefit the sustainability component.

Besides this, an asset management system can as well support innovative ideas in a company. A solid management framework provides the foundation to manage assets well and thus achieve the objectives that have been set. Within the vision of ABN Cleanroom Technology, asset management fits extremely well. Standardization of equipment and processes contributes to reducing the life cycle cost of assets and provides valuable information for thorough spare part management. An increasing availability of assets is the result of reduced life cycle costs.

Taking an ISO55000 approach to asset management can help to get more value from its physical assets. An asset management system:

  • Helps an organization 'turn things around' through disciplined practices, long-term planning and effective change management.
  • Demonstrates to customers, owners, employees and other stakeholders that the cleanroom assets are in good hands.
  • Provides assurance that an organization’s objectives for its cleanroom assets can be achieved consistently and sustainably over time.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction through improved performance, reputation and control of service delivery.
  • Improves risk management and HSE performance.
  • Enables EAM, CMMS and IoT to deliver reliable information.
  • Speeds up improvements in the short term while laying a solid foundation for future success.

Questions about implementing ISO55000?

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