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Our cleanroom story

Leader in pre-engineered cleanroom design

ABN Cleanroom Technology, founded in 1996, is a design, construction, commissioning & maintenance company specialising in cleanroom activities in the fields of health care, biotechnology, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive and food processing. As leading innovator in providing Industry 4.0 connected Cleanrooms, we make cleanroom technology affordable. Our key focus here is not the investment cost, but much more the Total Cost of Ownership of your cleanroom. Pre-engineered cleanrooms lead to increased energy efficiency and reliability, but also to speed in cleanroom projects.

Why we're here

We’re engineers with a mission, have proven solutions and an engineering mindset. We believe in transforming the cleanroom business through innovative pre-engineered and modular cleanroom concepts. With the right technology, we can augment human cleanroom intelligence and make cleanroom technology affordable. We’re able to give companies in the field of life sciences, biotechnology or high-tech access to cleanroom technology. We have cleanroom data and a deep understanding of the problems that our customers face.

Why we choose pre-engineering

  • Reduction of time to design
  • Improve quality and reliability
  • Reduce order to validation time
  • Make complex cleanroom systems affordable

Cleanroom as a service

Our cleanroom developers have a lot of social responsibility during their projects. In addition to designing reliable cleanrooms, they are also constantly thinking up new solutions with a focus on circularity. This makes us a pioneer in introducing the cleanroom as a service concept to the European market. Only in a "not-for-sale approach" does circularity find its true value. By using this approach, we make existing CAPEX models a thing of the past.

We believe that changing the business model is the only way to achieve the transition to circularity. For this reason we are fully committed to our cleanroom as a service concept. Providing access to cleanroom solutions in combination with cleanroom process equipment and performance contracts is the new way of working towards a blue economy model. The framework below shows the most important components and their interrelationships on which our cleanroom as a service model is based.

As the framework shows, design for standardisation and legolisation are important enablers that are constantly changing. this certainly does not mean that changing customer demands cannot be met. On the contrary, our pre-engineered building blocks make it possible to make qualitative changes at short notice and with high reliability. This modular approach ensures that we can easily make incorporate adjustments to our cleanrooms.

Our cleanroom as a service model places the responsibility for cleanroom performance on us. This performance-based approach ensures that the customer only pays for a cleanroom that works. By using a lifecycle approach, we ensure that adaptability and sustainability are fully integrated into our cleanroom designs.

At the end of use, ABN Cleanroom Technologies is also responsible for the demolition phase. Using the most durable and qualitative materials is therefore more important to us than the cost price of these materials. We believe that our customers are only interested in the quality and performance of our services as a total concept, not in having a cleanroom itself.

In order to ensure constant performances, it is essential to use all available resources. Therefore, we make use of the latest technologies to collect the right data from our cleanrooms and translate it into useful information. Our business model is therefore based on industry 4.0, where machine learning and predictive modelling ensures that our cleanroom uptime is at the heart of our performance strategy.

100% circular cleanroom design

"Our technological innovations facilitate an extremely low energy consumption of the VIX concept and are only the Olympic minimum that we aim for. It is our mission to go much further. Every cleanroom must be designed as a 100% circular solution. That is the real added value of modular cleanrooms."

- Jo Nelissen, CEO/Founder of ABN Cleanroom

Where to find our pre-engineered & modular cleanroom concepts?

Questions about our pre-engineered cleanroom thinking?

We’re happy to talk cleanrooms, the benefits of pre-engineered cleanroom design, and can help you get started with your concept or project. Simply contact us. We’ve helped companies as small as startups to the global pharma companies figure out the best fit for their production process. We can help you too.

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Case study

[DUTCH] Customer Interview at PANNOC: “Kiezen voor modulair design bij omvormen cleanroom”

Met cleanroom designs waarbij modulariteit en pre-engineering centraal staan, toont ABN Cleanroom Technology bij farmaceutisch producent Pannoc dat het omvormen van een bestaande cleanroom niet nodeloos complex moet zijn. De verbouwing van de productiezones op de site in Olen verliep volgens een pre-engineering aanpak en dat heeft zo zijn voordelen.

Reliability boost in pre-engineered cleanrooms with fault tree analyses

Imagine the possibility of telling you now about future problems with your assets or processes. Ever thought what you would be willing to pay for that type of foresight? Quite an investment for sure. You can anticipate problems before they happen and reduce the risk of failure. That is what Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) can do.

Why modular cleanrooms are the future

Modular cleanrooms offer an innovative alternative to conventional cleanrooms for spaces that require a certain flexibility in terms of future needs or restricted build timeline. Modularity is the starting point to help companies to enable cleanroom technology with ‘modular’ meaning scalable, flexible & agile.